Emerging Patterns for Application & Product Modernization

OK, I admit I have a pretty cool job. I run NVISIA's technology centers and get to explore the architecture and technology used by our software product innovation teams across a wide variety of clients. Lately, I have noticed a couple of architectural patterns emerge in the product modernization world.
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IE6 Just Crossed the Downward Tipping Point

on 10/14/14 11:06 AM By | Jim LoVerde | 0 Comments | Modernization Executive Insights
Internet Explorer 6 usage has been in a steady decline for more than two years now.  Given the gradual adoption of Vista combined with XP user upgrades from IE6 to IE7, this isn’t really all that surprising, and it will most likely drop below the 10% threshold by the end of this year.  
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Open Source Code Navigator

on 10/14/14 9:31 AM By | Erik Gfesser | 0 Comments | Software Development Modernization
Faced with a complex system that you need to understand better in order to enable effective maintenance or modernization?  During a recent project, I decided to use a freely-available source code analysis tool called Code-Navigator after testing several other similar tools.  Many of the open source tools available in this space are unfortunately specific to Java analysis, and I needed a tool that could analyze about 1200 legacy COBOL programs across 7 functional areas that were understood to be compartmentalized into functional-specific subsystems.  And more detailed information about the system was just not available since the technical staff was relatively new and the documentation either contained discrepancies or was out-of-date.
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