Single Page Applications (SPAs) in Large Enterprises

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There is significant momentum in our client’s adoption of JavaScript technology for SPAs, Single Page (web) Applications. This growth spans all of our client industries including health care, manufacturing, financial services and public utilities. Some of these applications support 10,000 plus users and have proven to be an interesting way to leverage RESTful services across Mobile and Web applications.

Checkout the percentage growth from Indeed's job trends. The graph below shows the increasing demand for these key technologies in job postings. With support from industry giants like Google (committed to AngularJS), these frameworks have matured quickly to support almost any sort of application.


The numbers from's Job Trends 
Screen_Shot_2016-05-19_at_5.03.28_PM.pngThe numbers from's Job Trends

On the Server-side

By securing and exposing your business processes as RESTful services, you can share exactly the same business process between your Mobile and Web platforms. This reduces the time to market and supports consistent rules and data across mobile and Web applications.

On the Client-side

This sort of multi-channel support makes it really easy to quickly deploy new features to your browser-based SPAs and in some cases, using Responsive SPAs, can eliminate the need for native mobile apps altogether. It also eliminates the native Mobile app's multiple technology stacks (iOS, Android and Windows) and their multiple App Stores.

From a business innovation point of view, the Responsive SPA has the potential to deliver a consistent user experience across both Web and Mobile platforms from a single codebase! Subsequently, your teams can deliver more inovative features in less time and you control both your release cycle and your brand by avoiding the App stores.

Some of the more popular choices of SPA JS Frameworks include Backbone, Knockout, Angular and, of course our old-school favorite of the JavaScript world, JQuery (UI and Mobile). Here's a link to more information on the top three JS frameworks: