The Importance of Not Knowing

on 2/27/17 3:10 PM By | Jeff Gitter | 0 Comments | Tips
As I have progressed throughout my software career I have noticed a trend that proliferates through many aspects of my craft.  Specifically, that is the importance of not knowing every detail.  For instance, consider the power in producing a useful abstraction.  The power is derived not from the details you share, but the details you don't have to share.  Since the word "abstraction" has many definitions, I will offer mine for the sake of clarity.
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HIMSS 2017 Recap - Value Based Care, Interoperability, API's ....

on 2/27/17 2:34 PM By | Jurek Dzierzanowski | 0 Comments | Healthcare Tech HIMSS
 As HIMSS 2017 winds down, and 45,000 visitors make their way home from Orlando I think back to the 4 days of educational sessions, thousands of steps across the exhibitor floor, countless conversations with colleagues, and am left with several key takeaways …
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Emerging Patterns for Application & Product Modernization

OK, I admit I have a pretty cool job. I run NVISIA's technology centers and get to explore the architecture and technology used by our software product innovation teams across a wide variety of clients. Lately, I have noticed a couple of architectural patterns emerge in the product modernization world.
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Letters to Santa - Our Chicago Office Adopts a Classroom

on 12/19/16 5:17 PM By | NVISIA Marketing | 0 Comments | News
This year, the Chicago office again supported the Chicago Sun-Times Letters to Santa Program to help make the holiday season a little brighter for kids in Chicago. Specifically, we again sponsored a classroom of 30 students from the High Mountain Head Start Program (Preschool to Kindergarten). 
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Making the Holidays a Little Brighter for Kids in Foster Care

on 12/1/16 10:22 AM By | NVISIA Marketing | 0 Comments | News
Kids in foster care face more uncertainty on any given day than most of us can imagine in a lifetime. We applaud SaintA's 167 years of service to the Milwaukee community and show our support for this year's Toy Drive to make the 2016 holiday brighter for kids who deserve it.
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Need disruptive software innovation...? Put your team on an island!

on 11/29/16 6:02 PM By | Mark Panthofer | 0 Comments | Software Development Agile Executive Insights Tech Center
Mark Panthofer, Vice President - NVISIA Technology Center 
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Requirements in Agile Environments

While much of the IT industry has adopted Lean and Agile methods, there is still strong resistance in some organizations.  Often, the first concerns you’ll hear regard the lack of requirements documentation. How can a development team possibly do their work without detailed requirements?  Aren’t we wasting time by building the wrong thing?  Here’s my response.
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Breakfast: Agile + DevOps = Better Software Faster

on 11/15/16 8:58 AM By | Mark Panthofer | 0 Comments | Lean Startup DevOps News Tech Center
NVISIA Delivers "Agile + DevOps = Better Software Faster" Breakfast at Milwaukee Intercontinental Hotel to group of local technology and application development executives. The Milwaukee breakfast event featured NVISIA's software product development experts showcased how key techniques can increase the speed and quality of software development initiatives.   Topics Leveraging Prototyping Tools to Improve Requirements Gathering
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NVISIA's Courtney Falkner Delivers DevOps Tech Briefing

on 11/11/16 12:22 PM By | Mark Panthofer | 0 Comments | DevOps News Tech Center
NVISIA's Courtney Faulkner hosted a casual Beer & Tech briefing on DevOps in NVISIA's Technology Center. Courtney discussed core technology topics in the DevOps space and shared how our clients, both big and small are using DevOps technology to shorten delivery cycles while improving quality.
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AWS Machine Learning Introduction

on 11/2/16 12:56 PM By | Naveen VK | 0 Comments | Software Development Big Data Tech Center
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NVISIA Discusses MACRA at PCPI 2016 Fall Conference Program

on 10/26/16 3:32 PM By | Mark Panthofer | 0 Comments | Healthcare Tech News
On Thursday October 27, 2016 NVISIA's managing director and healthcare expert, Raymond D’Onofrio, will present at the PCPI 2016 Fall conference at the Chicago Marriott O'Hare. In a session titled, Aligning next-generation data collection with measurement and improvement needs in MACRA, Ray will discuss how advances in data science are transforming how data are collected and analyzed both in healthcare and other industries. The panel addresses the increasingly important question, "who collect, measure, analyze and improve with health data, including health system data warehouse and clinical registry stewards and users, leverage these opportunities?"
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NVISIA's Michael Hoffman Hosts - New Docker for Java Course Featuring Docker Champion Arun Gupta

on 10/14/16 4:08 PM By | Michael Hoffman | 0 Comments | Software Development Tech Center
In my Technical Architect role here at NVISIA, I've had the opporutnity to participate in many engagements around training and mentoring in the technical community. As part of our current drive towards education around DevOps and Docker, I sat down with Arun Gupta and hosted a play-by-play course for Pluralsight. Arun is a Docker Champion, Java Champion and VP of  Couchbase. In the course, he and I engaged in an unscripted, unrehearsed conversation around beginner and advanced Docker topics. One of the key aspects of the course was that  the material and discussion had a specific focus around Java solutions. Below is a link to the preview this Pluralsite course:
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Inter-Face/Off: Undercover Service Abstraction

What does Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and the 1997 movie, Face/Off have in common?  If I told you Face/Off demonstrated an important aspect of SOA known as service abstraction, would you believe me?  As a fan of the movie I think it’s worth reviewing as this whimsical comparison may be fun and educational.  First we’ll go over some relevant information on the movie.  Next we’ll review the concept of service abstraction.  Finally, we’ll dig-in and derive how the movie demonstrates service abstraction and encapsulation in SOA.
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NVISIA Launches Technology Centers

on 10/3/16 4:30 PM By | NVISIA Marketing | 0 Comments | News Tech Center
  NVISIA is excited to officially announce the launch of our Technology Center program with locations in downtown Chicago and Milwaukee. Our centers are a place to tackle your most ambitious software development challenges by providing a dedicated space that helps your teams focus while co-developing your next solution side-by-side with NVISIA experts. These centers also create a space where you can explore the potential of the latest software technologies and how they can benefit your solution and your organization. 
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The Tech Debt Kitchen

on 9/14/16 2:55 PM By | Tracey Barrett | 1 Comment | Agile
“How do we convince our business to give us time to clean up this technical debt?” It’s one of the most frequently asked questions by Agile teams. They know they’re supposed to prioritize work based on business value, but the business doesn’t place much value on IT cleanup or enhancements. They don’t understand why it matters.
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Disregarding Character Encoding: A Full Stack Developer's Unforgivable Sin

on 9/6/16 1:33 PM By | Jeff Gitter | 0 Comments | Software Development
Why are we talking about character encoding? I know what you're thinking. "This has been covered before." or "Why are you dredging up a history lesson?".  It has become clear over the past several years of my career that an astonishing number of developers are either unaware of or indifferent to character encodings and why it is important. Unfortunately, this isn't just a history lesson.  Today, in a full stack developer's world, the topic of character encoding is more important than ever. The need to integrate in-house and vendor services with varying server and client technologies together into a reliable application requires developers to pay close attention to character encoding. Otherwise, you risk some potentially embarrassing production bugs that will cost your team valuable "street cred".  The aim of this article is to reach back in the vault and remind everyone why this topic is still important.
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Wisdom in Small Actions

“There was a certain wisdom in doing little, when one was obliged to act in ignorance.” - C.J. Cherryh I ran across this quote a few days ago and was struck by how apropos it was to our field. Early in a project, especially, we're surrounded by unknowns. We're often working for a new business, sometimes in an entirely new business domain. The client's technical ecology is typically unknown to a large extent. We generally have an idea of our goal architecture, but the language that we use (often that initial idea is called a “Notional Architecture”) highlights the fact that we don't know what the system will really look like in the end. Yet, we must act – the client needs the new system and some of what we are ignorant of we will only learn through the experience of implementing what we do know. So we act. Over the last decade or so, we've increasingly used Agile methods that support, that demand, small rather than large actions on our part. We start with what we know and show the customer, who then points out our faulty assumptions. We interpolate from what we've learned and implement that, leading to more knowledge of the exceptions to those rules we interpolated from. We extrapolate what the system should do when presented with situations outside of those rules, and do our best to vet and test that behavior. After a few act-learn cycles we usually find that we have a system that's doing the right thing and, better yet, is taking on a coherent shape behind the scenes. Our architecture is becoming clearer as our knowledge grows. We've hit our rhythm, found our stride, and confidence grows. It's a beautiful time in a project.
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A Great Evening at the Ronald McDonald House Milwaukee

on 7/21/16 2:21 PM By | Mark Panthofer | 0 Comments | News
Glad to Help!
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Apache Camel Video Tutorial Released!

on 7/19/16 4:23 PM By | Michael Hoffman | 1 Comment | Online Tutorials Software Development Tech Center
NVISIA's Michael Hoffman introduces Apache Camel, the open-source integration framework based on proven Enterprise Integration Patterns. This easy to follow, 3-part video tutorial introduces the Camel's rules/mediation engine, demonstrates a case study usage of the framework and finally reviews key points to help you to decide if Camel is right for you.
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25 Years of Connected Delivery

on 7/13/16 12:56 PM By | Mark Panthofer | 0 Comments | News
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