Tracey Barrett

Tracey is the Managing Director of NVISIA's Milwaukee Office and has been with NVISIA since 1997.

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Requirements in Agile Environments

While much of the IT industry has adopted Lean and Agile methods, there is still strong resistance in some organizations.  Often, the first concerns you’ll hear regard the lack of requirements documentation. How can a development team possibly do their work without detailed requirements?  Aren’t we wasting time by building the wrong thing?  Here’s my response.
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The Tech Debt Kitchen

on 9/14/16 2:55 PM By | Tracey Barrett | 1 Comment | Agile
“How do we convince our business to give us time to clean up this technical debt?” It’s one of the most frequently asked questions by Agile teams. They know they’re supposed to prioritize work based on business value, but the business doesn’t place much value on IT cleanup or enhancements. They don’t understand why it matters.
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Persuading your organization to be agile

on 12/15/14 2:09 PM By | Tracey Barrett | 0 Comments | Tips Software Development Agile
At a recent Milwaukee Agile meetup, I led a discussion on persuading organizations to be agile. 
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Supporting Downtime in a Clinical Setting

For the average application, IT professionals strive to minimize downtime. But when it happens – as it inevitably will – the users are simply forced to wait until the system is once again available. In a clinical setting, this strategy is not acceptable. Regardless of whether the system unavailability is caused by an outage in your server or the hospital’s connectivity to it, the hospital must address the question: How will we continue to care for patients until the system comes back up?
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