Nick Schultz

Nick works as a Principal Consultant for NVISIA and is a Docker accredited consultant and instructor and a Docker certified associate. He has 15 years of experience developing enterprise applications using various languages and frameworks.

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Optimizing Builds with BuildKit

on 10/7/19 12:10 PM By | Nick Schultz | 0 Comments | Docker Dockerfile CI/CD
Introduction Last month we looked into some best practices relating to Dockerfiles and we touched on how BuildKit can improve upon that. As a continuation of those discussions, we are going to look into a specific example of where BuildKit can really help improve a build. For this example, we are going to take a look at an old Java project that I wrote years ago. The goal of the build is to create an image that can run the web application. In order to do that, we need to build 16 jars that are also part of this same project. Some of the jars have dependencies on the others; therefore, there is an order in which things must be built but also a chance to build them concurrently. Here is an image that shows the dependencies/build order.
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Dockerfile Best Practices

on 9/19/19 8:29 AM By | Nick Schultz | 0 Comments | Docker Dockerfile CI/CD
In the most recent Docker meetups in Milwaukee and Madison we looked into the best practices for creating Dockerfiles and building our images. In the presentation we focused on:
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