Naveen VK

Naveen is Principal Architect and she has been with NVISIA for 14 years.

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AWS Machine Learning Introduction

on 11/2/16 12:56 PM By | Naveen VK | 0 Comments | Software Development Big Data Tech Center
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Doodles and Data - Doodling in Meetings

on 6/6/16 10:55 AM By | Naveen VK | 9 Comments | Tips Creativity Learning
For as long as I can remember, I have always doodled, especially when I have to process information or to think through some issue whether work-related or personal. I found myself doodling in meetings that had a lot of information involved and realized that I could revisit almost the entire conversation looking at my doodle whether it had any notes on it or not. 
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[Video] Introduction to Spring MVC

on 1/24/15 11:23 AM By | Naveen VK | 0 Comments | Java Open Source Software Development
Please check out the "Intro to Spring MVC" presentation that I gave at the Code Chix meetup in Madison, WI.
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