Breakfast: Agile + DevOps = Better Software Faster

NVISIA Delivers "Agile + DevOps = Better Software Faster" Breakfast at Milwaukee Intercontinental Hotel to group of local technology and application development executives.


The Milwaukee breakfast event featured NVISIA's software product development experts showcased how key techniques can increase the speed and quality of software development initiatives.  


Leveraging Prototyping Tools to Improve Requirements Gathering

Speaker: Mark Hense, Requirements Principal

Product Owners often struggle to articulate their vision for a software product, making it difficult to hone their ideas, secure funding for them or communicate well with a development team.  It is only once the software begins to take shape and they can react to it that things truly align. 

In this presentation, Mark Hense will demonstrate how modern JavaScript frameworks allow even non-developers to quickly build interactive demo systems, jumpstarting projects and allowing for early understanding and feedback from all stakeholders. 

The DevOps Landscape: Tools, Tips and Starting Points

Speaker: Tracey Barrett, Managing Director

Given the scope and complexity of modern systems, tooling and automation are critical to a team’s success.  Agile’s promises of shorter projects and more frequent changes are only possible if we are able to collaborate effectively, track product feedback, ensure software quality, control environments and manage releases. 

This presentation will identify the concerns DevOps is trying to address, what techniques and competing tools address those concerns, and how you can introduce DevOps components incrementally, even if a full-scale DevOps initiative isn’t on your corporate radar.

Topics: Lean Startup, DevOps, News, Tech Center

Written by Mark Panthofer

Mark Panthofer is the Vice President overseeing NVISIA's Technology Centers in Chicago and Milwaukee. He started his career with NVISIA in 1996 and spent most of his career in the field as a leader in NVISIA's service delivery organization. After more than 20 years as a computer engineer, he enjoys exploring and applying the latest software technologies as the leader of NVISIA's Technology Center. Mark is also an Accredited Docker Consultant and Instructor.

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