A Companion Guide for Enterprise Container Adoption

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As the smoke clears, containers have emerged as a core enterprise platform. Subsequently, informed technology leaders are asking how to enable a shift-left container culture, gain cloud portability and steer clear of vendor/cloud lock. This book combines examples from Docker's leading enterprise container platform with an agile adoption approach to guide you along your enterprise container journey.


When we hear Docker, we generally think about the open source Docker Engine - Community (aka, Docker CE) powering tens of millions of running containers around the world. It turns out Docker, Inc offers the enterprise leading platform, known as Docker Enterprise, to manage orchestrated containers at scale without imposing any vendor locked platform requirements. This means you can run Docker Enterprise on-premises, with bare metal and popular virtualization platform options, or you can deploy to a variety of supported cloud platform options using simple IaaS compute, network and storage services.

With mounting evidence, around 300% faster time to market, 1,300% increase in developer productivity, and 40% reduction in infrastructure cost, it is no wonder enterprises are getting serious about adopting container technology. However, it is much more than just virtualization. Effective adoption of a container platforms transform the way software is designed, built, delivered, and deployed. Ultimately, containerization impacts the entire software supply chain, and therefore container platform adoption, when done right, improves enterprise Application Development, DevOps, SecOps, QA and Operations. This represents a significant enterprise transformation.

Target Audience

Enterprises Adopting a cloud portable platform for Kubernetes and Swarm 

If you are like hundreds of other enterprises, ready to explore a platform with Docker's core technology and Kubernetes orchestration, this book should be helpful.



The Book

This book serves as a companion guide for application, platform, and DevOps/pipeline teams as they travel along their container adoption journey with Docker Enterprise. We introduce a broad body of knowledge and experience through an agile and evolutionary adoption approach, starting with a proof of concept and then taking an application through a pilot and onto production. The knowledge shared in this book comes from two years as a Docker-accredited instructor and a consultant working with customers during their adoption journey.


Mark Panthofer holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering from the Milwaukee School of Engineering. He has dedicated 30 years as a software engineer, architect and executive, to the practical adoption of emerging software technologies. As the Vice President of NVISIA's Technology Center, Mark provides advisory services to regional IT organizations on enterprise container and Cloud adoption.

Mark manages NVISIA’s Docker partnership by working closely with Docker’s Training organization as an active member of the Docker Curriculum Committee, as well as with the Docker Partner and Professional Service teams. As a Docker Certified Associate, Docker-accredited consultant and instructor, Mark provides training to leading commercial and government agencies on the best practices with Docker Enterprise for developers, DevOps, and operations teams. He is also a co-organizer of the Docker Chicago and the Docker Milwaukee meetups.







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