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Get Involved with ELITE

Getting involved with ELITE is not limited to just attending events. Anyone who’s interested can also become a speaker, apply to become a member, or attend one of our virtual webinars. ELITE’s in-person meetings are held on a quarterly basis and our virtual meetings and webinars are conducted on a monthly basis. Unless suggested by an ELITE member, our meetings are vendor-free.

ELITE Speaking Opportunities

Because ELITE is run by members for members, we are always looking for IT leaders that would like to speak in several capacities.

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Present at ELITE or nvisia events

  • On the third Friday of each month over the lunch hour, ELITE features an Executive presenter. The presenter is able to select their own topic and create their own presentation that can be as interactive or as hands-off as they wish.
  • Showcase your successes or learnings on a larger scale at nvisia's signature events like ProdCon or Tech Showcase
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An executive roundtable or book club meeting

  • Select a relative topic and speaking points to spark up a conversation at one of our roundtables.
  • Members will pre-select what table/conversation they wish to partake in
  • Book club meetings are quarterly and we are searching for members who can lead and carry a discussion during the recap meeting
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Be an ELITE advocate

  • Invite your friends, colleagues, and fellow industry members to be involved with ELITE. 
  • Tag us on social media platforms, share our events.

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