nvisia + Harqen.ai

A highly accurate and predictive intelligence technology for potential candidates needed a highly intuitive interface and user-flow to match.

The Challenge

Harqen replicates candidate screening capabilities with advanced machine learning models and provides recruiters with predictive analytics for faster, more reliable hiring outcomes. The challenge was this incredible application had a poor user experience, with disjointed user journeys and screen workflows, and ADA compliance issues.

Our Solution

Together, we collaborated to deliver a more unified application by creating a user persona and journey map for their primary user, recruiters. We hosted user focus sessions to identify the biggest pain points within the application and make recommendations based on UX/UI best practices and the feedback gained from our user focus session. We also provided UX and ADA consulting to ensure their application meets legal requirements as well as user expectations.

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Internal Harqen Application Demo

Results lead to impact

Nvisia worked alongside Harqen every step of the way to ensure the Harqen team, as the subject matter expert of their application, kept complete ownership, while the nvisia creative team was there to ensure their application's interface was as intuitive as their AI technology. 

User Driven Research

Unified the Application & User Workflow

By approaching each unique journey within the application one-by-one, the nvisia team was able to reconnect the application as a whole, so the user flow through each screen would be intuitive no matter which route the user needed to take. 

Application Design

ADA Compliant and Fully Responsive Application

In applying UI/UX best practices, the application is now fully-responsive and supports mobile applicants. The colors, icons, and features used in the application are ADA compliant. 

Financial Gains

New Industry Gains

Because of the success of the revised version of their application, this allowed Harqen the ability to branch out into a new industry and broaden their target audience market.  

Technologies Used

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"We were looking for a UX partner for our software business to help us really tailor the needs to our user base and to prepare it properly for the launch of the MVP.  nvisia UX & Creative team became just that, assisting us with everything from evaluating our product from the perspective of our users, conducting user focus sessions, re-addressing the entire workflow to accommodate how users typically interact with products today and really helped us position our product for success before the launch."

CTO of a Milwaukee AI Software Development Company

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