Digital Foundations
The fast track to elite DevOps performance

Jumpstart a production-ready landing zone and upskill your platform engineering team in 90 days

What is Digital Foundations?

Think of it as a cloud-native platform engineering team in a box.

TL; DR // Digital Foundations might sound like a product but it's not. It's a three-month service within our Platform Engineering + DevOps practice area to build a fully-productionalized cloud infrastructure and DevSecOps pipeline. With it, we help you create efficiency, consistency, and security where they're needed most.

Let's get technical // Digital Foundations is based on a structured approach we developed while helping clients achieve a secure and cost-effective cloud posture. In other words, it was born from experience; it's not some pre-fabricated sequences of code developed in a vacuum. We've just packaged that experience up into production-ready modules to significantly expedite the process and help you control costs, control risks, and increase speed of delivery in your cloud environment.

What sets it apart // Its combination of infrastructure as code (IaC) with cloud native DevSecOps best practices, providing a holistic - and unique - approach to cloud infrastructure management and deployment.

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Key Benefits

Sustainable Cloud Native DevSecOps

  1. Ease of maintenance
  2. Improved security and compliance
  3. Accelerated time to value
  4. Expert knowledge transfer
  5. Greater ownership and control

The whathow, who, why

What do you get and how does it work?

A standardized cloud environment - fast. 

Digital Foundations is designed to help companies establish and maintain a modern, secure, and compliant cloud infrastructure in 90 days. Simple as that.

The platform includes a core Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) architecture with an initial set of microservice and modernization Landing Zones with sample applications, all built using infrastructure-as-code (IaC) and automated deployment pipelines.

We gather your requirements to customize the scripts, build the infrastructure, and train your teams in areas like Azure, AWS, Hub and Spoke architecture, CAF, IaC/Terraform, Azure DevOps, Kubernetes, and Istio. The scripts are yours, and we leave your team with the necessary knowledge and expertise to maintain and extend the platform on their own.


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Why have we built it and who is it for?

To help businesses who've had some success in the cloud but need cloud architecture supported with IaC and automation.

With it, we can help you overcome common challenges in cloud infrastructure management, such as brittleness, security concerns, and lack of compliance, while also providing a fast and efficient way to establish a cloud-native DevOps platform.

  • How far along are you with your cloud and DevOps journey?
  • Are the pace and costs manageable or could they be improved?
  • Is everything scripted or done through an admin tool? What tools are you using?
  • Do you have some apps in the cloud but it still takes too long to add new ones?
  • Does your Dev team understand what it means to have a fully operational production environment?

Digital Foundations helps us sort through your Platform Engineering & DevOps challenges and concerns and quickly address them with a tailored solution.

Key Features

All you need for your journey to elite platform engineering & DevSecOps performance


IaC with Terraform


Cloud Adoption Framework


Azure DevOps Pipelines


Cloud Native DevSecOps Upskilling

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Hub and Spoke Architecture


Microservices Architecture


Kubernetes and Istio

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Runbooks and Documentation

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