TEC 2014 IT Leaders Summit

An Architectural Approach to Innovation!

Thank you for attending our presentation at the TEC 2014 IT Leader Summit. Please stay in touch with us on LinkedIn and Twitter. 

Below we included links to material used in the development of our presentation. Not all of it was referenced directly, but it provides some broader background on key topics.

Our ConnectedBlueprint is a proven pattern for connecting systems and data with business objectives, and quickly delivering a business-aligned software solution. It’s the roadmap for building your highly-integrated software platformswhere we combine our 23 years of expertise with the agility of a start-up. As a result, you get accelerated delivery of important software, with leading technologies, and a high degree of integration with existing code, systems and infrastructure.

ConnectedBlueprint PDF


Presentation Slides

NVISIA presented their connected blueprint for supporting innovation with a highly integrated software platform. Additionally, NVISIA shared 3 styles for developing your Business Aligned Service layer.