Supporting technology focused communities in Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison

NVISIA Tech Communities

NVISIA Technology Communities are where "adopt, build, enable" starts.  Technology communities spring to life from local interest groups meetings, corporate initiatives and even casual conversations in a pub. We support technical communities with a variety of expert content in formats including:

  • Lunch and Learn Sessions
  • Tech Meetup Presentations
  • Hands-on Training
  • Hands-on Workshops
  • Instant velocity advisory services
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NVISIA's Meetups


NVISIA hosts and organizes several local meetups from our technology center office facilities in downtown Chicago IL, Milwaukee WI, and Madison WI.  Our community space is great for group presentations or as a low-distraction environment to delivery an important software product with a team of NVISIA experts by your side. 

Chicago Meetups

Milwaukee Meetups

Madison Meetups

Calling all presenters! 
Do you know technologists who are willing to present at meetups?  We are always looking for good presentations on the hottest topics.

Nominate a Presenter



Tech Briefings At meetups, in our tech centers and onsite, we present the latest insights from the trenches to techs and execs alike.

Enterprise Adoption Roadmaps Our cross-functional approach to supporting the adoption of new technologies. Our roadmaps combine training, workshops and team enablement to accelerate sustainable success. 



POC & Pilots At our place our yours, we help you to steer clear of rookie mistakes and get fast results with guidance from experienced practitioners as you adopt new technology into to your application stack and enterprise.  

Team Augmentation Sometimes your team needs some help hitting their release cadence. Often times, a small team of our collaborative experts can help with new tech configuration support, design, development, agile coaching, and DevOps.



Classroom Training While online tutorials and self-pace training are really helpful for individual learning, sometimes classroom training is needed to pull a team together and fill in critical knowledge gaps.  

Team Workshops We provide a one-day immersion experience for development teams to their hands on the latest technology.  

Day One Development Partnership Two key things start on the first day with NVISIA as your development partner:

  1. We start coding day one to set the pace for developers and to deliver fast results to stakeholders.
  2. We start planing our exit on day one with a timeline for both team deliverables and knowledge transfer milestones.  

Featured Partnerships

Tackle your most ambitious software development challenges here. We help you explore the potential of the latest software technologies, provide a focused environment to co-create your next-generation platform, and provide you with an opportunity to learn from the experience of other software innovators.