Online Workshop: RESTful Services with Spring Boot


In this comprehensive online tutorial, Rav Tonsiengsom a Technical Director at NVISIA, takes a step by step approach to building  a RESTful API using Java and Spring Boot.

All of the source code is available under a free MIT license on


[Video] Meet Rav

Rav Tonsiengsom is Technical Director and has been with NVISIA for 15 years. Rav is an outstanding software architect and who spends most of his time coding. He has delivered leading edge enterprise solutions with J2EE to some of the biggest enterprises in the Midwest.  More recently built web applications using AngularJS, Bootstrap, Node.JS, ExpressJS and MongoDB (MEAN software stack).  When Rav is not coding, he enjoys digital photography, tabletop gaming, mobile development, skiing, tennis, volleyball, running, cycling and video games.

[Video] Rav and Giving Back
We believe that giving back to the greater technology community is the right thing to do. After all, our team and our clients have benefited from the hard work of the open source community.

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 Introduction to NVISIA's RESTful services workshop. 

What is REST?


 How REST API's Have Evolved Over Time

Objectives in Todays Workshop

Initial Lab Setup on Mac OSX & Windows 7


Lab Exercise 1: Mapping Correctly

JSON Back Referencing


Test Driving Your API

Applying HTTP Verbs to Springboot

Preparing for Lab Exercise 2

Lab Exercise 2: Getting to Maturity Level 2

Fine Tuning HTTP Response Codes

Lab Exercise 3: Adding Response Codes & Error Handling

Lab Exercise 4: HATEAOS Links & Implementation

Lab Exercise 4: Solution Walkthrough 

Web API Security: Authentication & Authorization

Live Springboot API Security Configuration

Associating Similarities Between SOA & REST

Workshop Prerequisites 

What Will I Learn