Tracey Barrett Presents: Persuading Your Organization to Be Agile at the Milwaukee Agile Meetup on Tuesday December 2, 2014

Please join NVISIA's Tracey Barrett and the Milwaukee Agile Meetup group to discuss their community's number one topic - Persuading your organization to be Agile.

A recent survey of the Milwaukee Agile Meetup group determined the number one topic the community wants to discuss is how to generate buy-in for Agile processes in our organizations. Many members report they are meeting resistance everywhere: business sponsors, IT leadership, PMO's, business analysts, architects, developers, QA, ops...you name it!  In this session, Tracey will focus on how to persuade key stakeholders and provide arguments to dispel common Agile myths.

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headshot-tracey-barrett-2Tracey Barrett, Executive Director at NVISIA, is a real world practitioner with deep Agile experience on mission-critical project teams. In addition to her software development leadership role, she is also responsible for NVISIA's Wisconsin-based operations. As the leader of many high-profile projects in a wide variety of industries she has encountered her fair share of agile curiosity and resistance.  She'll steer the group's discussion and provide real world examples of winning the Agile argument. 

Topics: Software Development, Agile, News

Written by Mark Panthofer

Mark Panthofer is the Vice President overseeing NVISIA's Technology Centers in Chicago and Milwaukee. He started his career with NVISIA in 1996 and spent most of his career in the field as a leader in NVISIA's service delivery organization. After more than 20 years as a computer engineer, he enjoys exploring and applying the latest software technologies as the leader of NVISIA's Technology Center. Mark is also an Accredited Docker Consultant and Instructor.

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