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on 11/21/15 11:32 AM By | Michael Hoffman | 0 Comments | Software Development Microservice swagger api
As a developer in today's tech industry, it's almost guaranteed you will be developing and maintaining an API in your application. The simplistic nature of RESTful web services has driven the exponential growth of APIs. Despite this simplicity, developers often face a significant challenge once someone tries to consume the API. Take some time to think about how you develop your APIs. Are you documenting what your API actually does? And if so, is it up to date and does it cover all the details your consumer needs? Probably not. Why? Because writing a full API specification is REALLY boring and VERY tedious work, especially when APIs are added or change frequently. Next, what if your consumer wants to test your API? Do you send them a URL and say, "here, figure it out!" As a frequent consumer of APIs, that is often the response I get from consumers. Finally, is there nothing more annoying than a consumer that wants to know what type of error codes your API will respond with? Come on people! Just test the service and you can figure out the answers for yourself!
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