SQL Server 2016 Test Drive: Columnstore Indexes, In-Memory Tables and Indexed Views

on 4/5/17 11:43 AM By | Mike Vogt | 0 Comments | SQL Server
Part 1 of 3 Introduction I’ve been getting re-acquainted with SQL Server 2016 after a very long hiatus (read 7.0).  While I’ve used SQL Server on many projects throughout the years, I’ve tended towards Oracle, DB2, and Postgres due to either more advanced features or price (in the case of Postgres).  Recently, I had the opportunity to take a much more in-depth look at SQL Server 2016.  A few capabilities struck me as significant to our clients’ needs:  columnstore indexes, in-memory tables and indexed views (aka materialized views).  In the first of three blog posts, I’ll cover columnar indexes.  I’ll cover in-memory tables in the second installment and indexed views in the last one.
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