Enunciate - Articulate Your Web API

on 10/14/14 9:17 AM By | Jim LoVerde | 0 Comments | Architecture & Design Java Software Services Open Source
I’ve mentioned this is passing to a few people, but there’s an interesting little project called Enunciateout there that looks extremely interesting for developing web services. It’s sort of a meta framework in the sense that it allows you to define your web services as annotated Java POJOs and then it internally uses multiple other frameworks to expose those web services with features like: Full user documentation Consolidated, annotated WSDL(s) referencing a common set of schemas The same endpoint(s) published via SOAP, REST, JSON, and GWT-RPC Client-side libraries for download (JDK 1.4, JDK 1.5, GWT, etc) All packaged in a single war (docs, client libs, implementation code, etc)
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