Breakfast: Agile + DevOps = Better Software Faster

on 11/15/16 8:58 AM By | Mark Panthofer | 0 Comments | Lean Startup DevOps News Tech Center
NVISIA Delivers "Agile + DevOps = Better Software Faster" Breakfast at Milwaukee Intercontinental Hotel to group of local technology and application development executives. The Milwaukee breakfast event featured NVISIA's software product development experts showcased how key techniques can increase the speed and quality of software development initiatives.   Topics Leveraging Prototyping Tools to Improve Requirements Gathering
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If a picture is worth 1000 words, a prototype is worth 1000 meetings

on 6/8/16 8:48 PM By | Mark Hense | 0 Comments | Agile Requirements Management Lean Startup
I know lots of people who use software. They use it on their way to work, at their desk, after dinner and before going to sleep. I know fewer people who read about software and even fewer who read about how to use software. Kids and teens grew up in a world where things like video games come with no instructions. Most business users of software go to training and then end up back at their desks playing with applications to see ‘where stuff is’ in an application. Even my parents will just start hacking around to figure out how to do stuff on their phones or laptops. I also know a large number of Business Analyst who understand the aforementioned, but still feel the product of interviewing Product Owners and end users has to be an artifact that has bullet points, numbered list or ‘unique identifiers’ for everything they were able to capture during the process. While the document may be very accurate, the pitfalls is that this document mostly serves as proof that the Business Analyst accomplished what they felt was their role on the team. But the pitfalls of the process are best summed up in the analogy.
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