Optional Fun with Java 8

So, in my primary personal project, I've found a need for a data structure whose implementation is much like a linked list. Having run into the new (as of Java 8) Optional class by way of Stream this seemed like a wonderful excuse to look into it further. Optional is simply a class wrapping a reference that may or may not be there, for cases in which that references absence is not an error. It leverages Java lambdas to allow for code that doesn't care so much whether it is there or not, or is at least minimally obtrusive in that regard.
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Rack of Lambdas

So, over the last few months I've been hard at play with a personal project. This has given me latitude to fool around with various things I find interesting (more to come) the first of which was to upgrade to Eclipse 4.5 and Java 8 (jdk 1.8). The main driver behind this was to fool around with Lambdas in Java, since I'd been using the C# equivalent by day. A little thought (well, actually, just paying attention to myself saying to myself "Self, this is pretty annoying") provided me with a couple of opportunities to use this language feature.
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