What is Big Data?

on 11/6/14 6:07 PM By | Erik Gfesser | 0 Comments | Big Data Data Management
Quite recently, I overheard a project colleague of mine having a discussion with someone on the phone. Somewhat abruptly, he covered the mouthpiece of the phone and whispered a question to me: "Erik, are we doing big data on this project?" My short answer, without thinking too much about whether the term is a verb or a noun, was that, no, we were not. The immediate reply: "So what is big data?" In response, I gave the best concise answer that I have ever heard: "Big data is when the size of the data itself becomes a part of the problem."
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Avoiding the Data Iceberg with Quick Targeted Analysis

on 11/6/14 2:34 PM By | Mike Vogt | 0 Comments | Data Quality Data Management
Have you run into a situation where an agile project flopped because bad data affected the successful delivery of your solution?
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