NVISIA's Michael Hoffman Hosts - New Docker for Java Course Featuring Docker Champion Arun Gupta

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In my Technical Architect role here at NVISIA, I've had the opporutnity to participate in many engagements around training and mentoring in the technical community. As part of our current drive towards education around DevOps and Docker, I sat down with Arun Gupta and hosted a play-by-play course for Pluralsight. Arun is a Docker Champion, Java Champion and VP of  Couchbase. In the course, he and I engaged in an unscripted, unrehearsed conversation around beginner and advanced Docker topics. One of the key aspects of the course was that  the material and discussion had a specific focus around Java solutions. Below is a link to the preview this Pluralsite course:
The course is hosted on Pluralsight, an industry leader for paid online developer training.  As part of the course contents, we delve into several topics. First, we covered  the basics of Docker, including how to get up and running with a Docker machine. Next, we covered running multi-container applications using Docker Compose. Finally, we discussed more advanced topics around setting up multiple hosts through Docker Swarm. Overall, I'm very pleased to have had this opportunity to discuss Docker with one of the experts in our industry and I hope that you will check it out. If you are interested in hearing more  about how NVISIA can help you with Docker and the DevOps space, please reach out to us.