NVISIA Presents Adopt, Build and Enable for API Management and Docker

On October 26th at the TEC's Emerging Technology & Digital Transformation Summit 2017, NVISIA shares their proven framework for the successful introduction of emerging technologies into commercial enterprises. Demonstrating their ADOPT, BUILD & ENABLE framework to share practical insights into the adoption of API Management and containers (Docker). 

Please join us!  Registration is free for Technology Executive Club members and $299 for non-members.  ** Contact NVISIA for a VIP Promo Code to get a free pass.


Over the past 26 years NVISIA has leveraged their framework to introduce a long list of key enterprise technologies including Java, .NET, JavaScript frameworks, REST and microservices. This presentation opens with a brief overview of the framework’s three perspectives - ADOPT, BUILD & ENABLE as well as common entry points to each area and the interplay between them. However, most of the presentation will be spent using the framework perspectives to share tips for adopting two of the hottest emerging technologies: API Management and Containers (Docker).

Topics: Executive Insights, Docker, Events

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