NVISIA Delivers AngularJS Workshop in Milwaukee

NVISIA delivered an AngularJS workshop in Milwaukee on March 20th. Representatives from industry leading firms in insurance, financial services and medical technology received a hands-on tour through the process of building a single page application (SPA) with Angular JS, a rapidly emerging technology for responsive web application development. The class was developed and taught by NVISIA practitioners who have implemented enterprise-class SPAs for NVISIA’s healthcare, financial services and public utility customers.

Topics: Javascript, News

Written by Mark Panthofer

Mark Panthofer is the Vice President overseeing NVISIA's Technology Centers in Chicago and Milwaukee. He started his career with NVISIA in 1996 and spent most of his career in the field as a leader in NVISIA's service delivery organization. After more than 20 years as a computer engineer, he enjoys exploring and applying the latest software technologies as the leader of NVISIA's Technology Center. Mark is also an Accredited Docker Consultant and Instructor.

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