NVISIA Technology Center Announces Docker Partnership

NVISIA's Technology Center, with locations in downtown Chicago, IL and Milwaukee, WI is excited to announce the launch of a strategic partnership with Docker, Inc. NVISIA is now an Accredited Docker Training and Consulting Partner and looks forward to serving regional clients with local, certified Docker resources.

"We have seen how the Docker platform accelerates the delivery of software, especially cloud-native microservice applications," commented Mark Panthofer, the Vice President who leads NVISIA's technology center program. According to Panthofer, "with the Docker platform we now have a clear path of offerings to take our clients from a traditional monolithic application to a modern microservice app in just a few steps and not only do they get a modern app, they often realize more than a 30% savings in operational costs."

Subsequently, NVISIA also announced their first Docker Certified training course, Docker Fundamentals, to be held in their Milwaukee Technology Center on May 18th. For more information please visit the NVISIA technology center page events section - http://www.nvisia.com/technology-center#section-events.

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