ITA Tech Talk: Microservices CI Pipeline for Docker

The world of containers (the lightweight virtualization technology that may finally deliver on the "develop once run anywhere" promise) has picked up a head of steam for both developers and IT operations. With more than 12 billion downloads from Docker Hub, the Docker community and Docker, Inc. have taken a relatively obscure variant of Linux Containers to more than 14 million host machines in less than 4 years.

While the first users of containers were typically software developers using them for the purposes of local development and testing, there is now a rapidly growing interest in the IT Operations community to simplify, secure and support microservice applications with containers in production. Docker Enterprise Edition is a platform designed to bridge the DevOps gap in the new world of container-base applications.

NVISIA's Chicago Technology Center
200 South Wacker Drive - 36th Floor
Chicago, IL 60606


On June 7th, 2017 at 4PM the NVISIA's Chicago Technology Center is hosting a tech talk for the Illinois Technology Association (ITA) on building, testing and shipping software using the Docker Enterprise platform.

Topics include:

  • New ways for developers to use local containers
    • Build Angular 2 Application front end with containerized Angular CLI/Node
    • Build Restful Services and Data Services using Spring Boot and containerized Gradle + Java 8 runtime
  • CI Pipeline with Docker
    • Containerized Jenkins running in a Docker Swarm
    • Fine-grained multi-branch builds to support feature release teams swarm-base integration testing
    • Following an immutable server pattern - pushing images to Docker Trusted Registry
  • Deploying service to a Docker Swarm with UCP & DTR
    • UCP CLI to deploy multi-branch build images to Docker Swarm environment
    • Demonstrate how Docker HTTP routing mesh (service location and load balancing) to automatically provides access deployed services
    • Depoly a microservices application with a Docker Stack

Mark Panthofer

VP - NVISIA Technology Centers

Mark focuses on applying leading-edge software technologies to the development of core business systems. He is responsible for NVISIA's technology partnerships, including Docker.

Docker® Certified Consultant | Docker® Certified Trainer


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