Code Chix Panel: A day in the life of a female computer science professional


Please join us at the next Code Chix's Panel March 8th. Nvisia's Naveek VK will be on the panel along with several other women working in the Information Technologies profession.

The next event will be held at the UW Computer Science building and is an interactive Q & A session with UW students. Follow the link at the bottom to get your tickets now, tickets are free!



UW Computer Science Building - 1210 WEST Dayton Street Madison, WI 53703

This talk is designed to help undergraduate female computer science majors imagine a career in the Information Technology profession.  Listen to a panel of experts -- real Madison women who are working in the technology field --  tell their personal stories.  Why did they enter the IT field?  What do they like about it?   What do they dislike?   How did they get to where they are now?  Audience participants will have a chance to ask questions like 'How did your education prepare you for your career?' and 'What do you wish you had known when you were still in school?'  and 'Did you have any mentors or others along the way that helped you at critical moments?' and 'How do you balance family life with career?'

Follow the link to get your tickets! Tickets are free!
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