BA's Role - Turning Your Ideas Into a Great Solution

Over the last decade the business analyst's Role has made a fundimental shift from business rules and system requirements documentation to the shepherd of breakthough innovation.

As a software development partner we collarorate with our clients to deliver large-scale software platforms to the healthcare, financial services, manufacturing and public utility sectors. These platforms are built to connect existing core business systems in new ways that support strategic, new business initiatives.  

Today's best BAs understand both the vision of the business and capabilities of their systems.  This positions the BA to help product owners estimate and prioitize backlog items, always looking for the highest busines value at the lowest implementation cost.  This puts the business analysts into the center of the business and technology relationship.

As a result, today's BA is perfecly positioned to nurture innovation through creative solution design, backlog support and quick, targeted analysis. Additionally, BAs play a bigger role in guiding stakeholders toward the most useful and efficient solutions.

Subsequently, not only will the BA's ability to understand and carry out their new role will have a significant impact on the outcome of software development projects, but it will have realy impact on the success of their company.

Topics: Requirements Management

Written by Mark Hense

Mark is a Requirements Principal at NVISIA where he has worked for the last 6 years.

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