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Greg is a Sr. Data Architect at NVISIA

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Dimensional Modeling Basics (Part 2)

on 6/12/15 1:56 PM By | Greg Goleash | 0 Comments | Data Management
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Dimensional Modeling Basics (Part 1)

on 5/28/15 4:27 PM By | Greg Goleash | 0 Comments | Data Management
There have been entire books and methodologies dedicated to dimensional modeling.  This is not intended to expand or endorse any particular methodology, but to give a brief overview of dimensional modeling techniques, for those who are not familiar with them. Part 2 (to be published at a later date) will provide additional details on “levels” in dimensions, as well as practical guidance on when and how to use these modeling techniques (as well as when not to use them).
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Database Security by Design

on 3/6/15 4:43 PM By | Greg Goleash | 0 Comments | Data Management
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Physical Database Partitioning in Large Database Design

on 1/19/15 1:48 PM By | Greg Goleash | 0 Comments | Tips Data Management
Database partitioning is not a new technology, but one that is often overlooked in the design of large databases. Partitioning is simply a way of using separate physical storage locations for a single database object. Before partitioning was implemented by database vendors, this was done by creating separate tables for current and historical data, using views to combine the “partitioned” data, etc. There are a variety of reasons to partition tables and indexes, but this document will focus on the use of partitions in ODS and Data Warehouse databases.  In these environments, partitioning is primarily used for long-term performance stability and ease of maintenance.
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