Our People

"A long-standing objective of mine has been to create an organization capable of delivering on the promise of innovative technologies through the best efforts of some very smart, passionate, hardworking people of like mind.  One of my personal goals was to create an environment that was collegial, honest, open and transparent in dealing with both our clients and fellow workers.  A place that will tolerate as little office politics as necessary and provide people an opportunity to grow personally, financially and advance their careers while allowing them to continue to work along side friends and coworkers that they have developed over the years and not feel that they have to leave the company to achieve their personal goals."
Bruce Kannry, Owner/CEO of NVISIA

NVISIA believes the most important part of a successful company and a successful project is people involved.  We are proud of how many people stay with NVISIA for 10+ (and even 20+) years and we love working together to solve our clients problems.

A big part of our culture is giving back to the community.  NVISIA financially supports a number of volunteer organizations, but what we enjoy most is working with these groups as a team to prepare meals, buy presents, collect winter coats, etc.  This personal involvement is something we enjoy doing and helps us become more involved with our communities.



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I feel like it's more than a job. It's a place where I enjoy working with my co-workers and I'm proud of what we can accomplish. Beyond that, I think other people in the company are proud of what we can accomplish together and this team spirit/attitude is probably the biggest reason myself and other's stay at NVISIA.
NVISIA provides all the tools one needs to be successful at their job, whether that is exposure to senior leaders, training or company resources. NVISIA also provides a focus on culture that is unlike what I see at other companies.


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