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With in-person learning opportunities at a stand-still, we are bringing our sessions online to help bring the latest thinking on information technology to you and your teams. 

At NVISIA, our goal is to help companies deliver solutions and products more effectively and elegantly to their customers through next-gen, sustainable software. And part of this is to enable our clients and communities through one-on-one training, meetups and conferences to solve some of their most pressing IT challenges.  

We are excited to announce our “Enable Your Tech” virtual conversation series where we feature information technology leaders discussing the latest trends, challenges and solutions currently facing our industry. Designed to educate, motivate and help you make informed decisions around improving your information technology processes and products, each interactive session will focus on a different area of information technology. Industry leaders will provide you with fresh perspective, first-hand experience about lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid. Attendees are invited ask questions throughout.  

And, for your convenience, if you’re not able to attend our live broadcast, our sessions will be available on-demand on our website. And best part of these? They’re free! 


How "cloud native" do you really want to be?

Monday, April 6, 2020 - RECORDING AVAILABLE
12:00-1:00 PM CT

Audience members will learn the what, why and how of adopting cloud-native DevOps.
This session examines cloud native practices, their promise and the cultural realities of integrating them into an enterprise setting. We'll share a recommended crawl, walk and run adoption approach for navigating the adoption journey. Finally, we will focus on the DevOps pipeline through the user stories from application development, platform/DevOps and technical operations.

Intended audience: IT Executives, Product Managers, Engineering Leads

Your Speaker:

Mark Panthofer 1
Mark Panthofer, VP of DevOps & Cloud, NVISIA

Available for listening

Transparency at Scale

Thursday, April 16, 2020
1:00-2:00 PM CT

This session will discuss how to enable teams across the product Development Organization to be metrics driven, align to corporate values and share best practices among the tribe. We'll also show a quick demo for how you can tap into your existing management tools (Jira, TFS, etc.) to create a cross team metrics dashboard.

Intended audience: IT Executives, Product Managers, Engineering Leads

Your Speakers:

Tracey Barrett, Vice President - Wisconsin Region, NVISIA


Jim Ash, Principal, Product Management, NVISIA

Eric Nettesheim, Project Architect, NVISIA

Available for listening

Scaling Microservices

Monday, April 20, 2020
12:00-1:00 PM CT

You're using microservices in your organization and are starting to see significant user traffic. Congratulations! But how do we scale? We will discuss different scaling patterns and design choices that should be avoided or mitigated to promote scaling your services.  Architectures that favor scaling will also be discussed to help your organization move to the next level.

Intended audience: IT Executives, Product Managers, Engineering Leads

Your Speakers:


Justin Montgomery, Principal Architect, NVISIA

Available for listening

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