Case Study: Accuity

Business Challenge

Integrate trustworthy data from legacy databases into a single data store, develop a custom application to integrate data into the customer’s decision workflow/process for better transactional STP and establish a team within Accuity capable of sustaining the new platform in less than 12 months.


Accuity used a MarkLogic NoSQL data store to integrate the two legacy databases and developed a new web platform using single page applications to provide customers with access to better information and the best possible web experience.


NVISIA and Accuity built the foundation for Accuity’s new payments and financial counterparty KYC application from the ground up in 7 months

About Accuity:


For more than 175 years, Accuity has been providing financial institutions, enterprises and government organizations with optimal payment efficiency, compliant transactions, bank counterparty insight and AntiMoney Laundering screening success, serving more than 23,000 customers worldwide. The Accuity payments solution instantly finds and validates payment codes, improves the certainty of settlement, shortens processing cycles and reduces settlement risk for better rates of straight through processing (STP). Additionally, the suite of payment solutions provides accurate and verified settlement data helping to resolve disputes and effectively prevent expensive payment exceptions.


NVISIA has been an integral part of not only bringing this solution to market, but also building a knowledgeable team to take over when they leave. With this next generation technology, our customers will benefit from increased STP and substantial cost savings. ex.Hugh Jones, President/CEO of Accuity


Technology Used:


The Process

NVISIA and Accuity assessed the existing software footprint and outlined the necessary steps to meet the business objectives. In order to foster an innovative environment, Accuity acquired a workspace with an open layout to encourage teamwork and dispel any hierarchy or separation of consultants and employees. This new environment enabled an unprecedented level of collaboration and helped to launch a team within Accuity capable of supporting the new platform.

NVISIA and Accuity collaborated to compile legacy data from each system and reconcile it into a single MarkLogic NoSQL data store that would service new and existing applications. Simultaneously, NVISIA worked closely with Accuity to build an entirely new payments software platform built on the new NoSQL database. The new product, SmartWorks, was designed to provide banks with improved payment information. Various single page applications would facilitate queries, including routing instruction look-ups for transfers between international banks.

The MarkLogic NoSQL database and single page applications were completely new technologies built from the ground up. Both sides credit the environment and collaboration between consultants and employees for making this successful implementation possible.