Company News

NVISIA Launches Data Management Practice

NVISIA is pleased to announce the launch of its data management practice. The new practice is being led by Michael Vogt, a Managing Director at NVISIA with 20 years of applied data and...Read more

NVISIA Delivers MATTER Workshop

NVISIA presents a MATTER Workshop: Outsourcing Product Development NVISIA's President Shaun Lovick discussed strategies for finding and working with outside vendors to accelerate product...Read more

NVISIA Presents Innovation Blueprints at TEC 2015

TEC Technology Innovation & Leadership Summit 2015 - NVISIA Presents Innovation Blueprints August 20th, to Lake Forest Graduate School of Management audience. Pictured below NVISIA's Jason...Read more

NVISIA's Naveen VK Mentioned In "Need and app for that?," appearing in Madison Magazine

Both NVISIA and Naveen VK Principal Architect at Nvisia have been recognized in "Need and app for that?," appearing in Madison Magazine. From coding to maketing, what you need to consider before...Read more

NVISIA Invited to Present at 2015 Technology Innovation & Leadership Summit

NVISIA will present "Blueprints for Innovation" at The Technology Executives Club's Technology Innovation & Leadership Summit on August 20, 2015 at the Lake Forest Graduate School of...Read more