Agile Business Analyst

Our ScrumMaster certified BAs share their insights from real world experience with our clients. Our BAs are instrumental in developing business critical solutions with Agile methods, including UX first, responsive Single Page Applications for NVISIA’s healthcare, financial services and public utility customers.

Below, two of NVISIA's senior BAs share some key video insights.
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[Video] Meet Barb
Barb Vandenberg, Certified ScrumMaster has 20 years of experience as a business analyst bridging traditional SDLC with RUP and Agile methodologies. She helps clients in healthcare, insurance and financial services to develop Web and Mobile applications, including responsive Single Page Applications and user driven design.
[Video] Meet Mark
Mark Hense, Certified ScrumMaster has 17 years of experience in business analysis and quality assurance. He helps customers build and modernize applications for Web and Mobile through Agile methods using a UX first approach. His most recent efforts have helped deliver responsive Single Page Applications for major healthcare organizations, state agencies and mass notification providers.

On-Site Lunch & Learn Sessions

Our BAs are eager to share their experience in a number of ways. Popular topics areas include:
  • Introducing Agile to BAs
  • Understanding the BA's Skillset in an Agile world
  • The BA's role in improving business value through innovation with Agile practices 
Host a Lunch & Learn
Intro to Adopting Agile
Step One - Take a Deep Breath
Role of the BA in Agile
BA's Transition to Agile
BA's New Role Sprint Ahead
Educating Product Owners
Internal and External Customers
Organizing User Stories
Prototyping for Better Requirements
Sprint 0 Execution Ready
Understanding the Transition to Agile
User StoryTip
Agile for Big Companies
Align Your Process with Project Type
High Level View of the Project