Healthcare Provider Services

NVISIA’s healthcare products and technology consulting services help organizations develop innovative eHealth solutions to enhance data integration and access to healthcare business intelligence. With a goal to improve quality of care, patient safety and business efficiency, our healthcare IT services support healthcare organizations through:

  • Enterprise architecture (including system integration and legacy system/SOA interface optimization and extension)
  • Next-generation application/platform development
  • Integration of complex healthcare data and cross-silo applications
  • Meaningful Use executive dashboards and other custom business intelligence solutions

Innovative Technology Infused with Industry Expertise

NVISIA’s healthcare IT services connect deep healthcare industry expertise with leading-edge technology development to deliver innovative, reliable results. Our secure, easy-to-use solutions achieve strategic goals through optimal deployment and higher-value integration of technology systems and applications.

With extensive experience in the healthcare industry, we understand the complex needs of healthcare organizations. We speak the same language. We know what it takes to integrate healthcare vendor applications into high-velocity business intelligence tools. Our healthcare IT services foster optimal decision-making — whether clinical, financial or administrative.

Technology Solutions that Drive End-User Innovation

NVISIA’s healthcare IT services give clients flexibility. With more responsive and reliable internal IT resources, clients are better equipped to meet market demands. They can deliver innovative healthcare applications to their own customers and partners. With a focus on reliability, integrity and an optimal user experience, NVISIA healthcare IT services address diverse needs. NVISIA has worked with some of the nation’s largest, most progressive healthcare organizations in the areas of:

  • Physician/patient portals
  • Workload scheduling
  • Bill payment
  • Insurance/payer dashboards
  • Claims management