Since 1991, we have connected with clients who see custom software as a competitive differentiator. Our clients seek long-term ownership of their software platforms and the transformation of their in-house skills, instead of relying on outsourced or ad hoc consulting.  As a result, our clients achieve an improved market position, an improved team, a better process and software platform they will build upon for 10 or more years.


"We are working with our clients to solve real problems. Mass alert systems for tornadoes and tsunamis. Healthcare exchange integration. Money laundering detection. We're helping to solve problems that matter to people".



Building software that matters. Chances are, you’ve already connected with NVISIA.

Here’s how we make your life easier, healthier, safer and more convenient.

Connecting you and your health...

Have you had an X-Ray, MRI or CT scan in the last ten years? NVISIA partnered with a leader in healthcare technology to deliver their market-leading PACS platform, used by radiologists to review diagnostic images in the most accurate and efficient way possible.

Have you used a web or mobile portal to understand your coverage, network, care choices or pending claims? NVISIA partnered with leading providers and insurance companies to give you secure access to your healthcare data from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Have you been hospitalized? NVISIA probably helped build the tools your caregiver used to monitor your vital signs—the same solution that allowed scientists around the world to monitor the space shuttle astronauts’ in-flight vital signs. Additionally, NVISIA’s solutions help hospitals improve care while being more efficient with your healthcare dollars.

If you require pre-certification to see a healthcare specialist, NVISIA tools speed up the process and avoid unnecessary charges.

Connecting you and manufacturing...

Have you ordered an American motorcycle in the last ten years? NVISIA’s vehicle ordering management solutions ensure that you receive the right bike on the date it is promised.

Have you bought a part or accessory for your American-made motorcycle? NVISIA improves the cost and efficiency of the leading U.S. motorcycle brand’s P&A operations.

Have you spent time in a commercial, institutional, or industrial building? NVISIA helps the worldwide leader in air movement and control equipment keep some of the largest facilities in world the comfortable.

Connecting you and your local, state and federal government...

Have you or a family member received child support payments? Our platform efficiently processes payments for more than half of all states in the U.S., assuring that funds reach children as quickly and accurately as possible.

Have you or a family member received retirement benefits from the state of Wisconsin? We helped modernize the benefit payment system for retirees.

Are you or a family member eligible for Social Security benefits? Our solution quickly verifies eligibility to ensure that payments get to the right people, fast.

Connecting you and your insurance...

Have you filed a health insurance claim or checked its status with one of the region’s biggest insurers? We built a self-service portal you can access from a mobile app that connects 32 core business systems, serving more than 2 million customers.

Have you received an insurance quote? NVISIA connects independent insurance agents with real-time quoting solutions for one of the Midwest’s fastest-growing insurers.

Did your doctor run the right tests? We built a software platform that serves as a second set of eyes for physicians, ensuring appropriate diagnostic tests are administered.

Connecting you and your utilities...

Do you know someone who has trouble paying a utility bill? We helped a utility create an efficient payment plan that provides continuity of service to people who struggle to pay their energy bills.

Have you switched long distance carriers? NVISIA partnered with the grandfather of telecommunications to provide anti-slamming solutions to assure only legitimate long-distance carrier changes are made.

Have you signed up for telephone services including caller ID and voicemail? NVISIA partnered with an iconic telecommunications company to deliver fast and reliable provisioning of an advanced, intelligent telecommunications solution.

Connecting you, your money and your rental car...

Have you or your company transferred funds between financial institutions? NVISIA partnered on platforms that allow reliable and fast transaction processing between banks, saving them more than $100M annually. Our platform triangulates suspicious activity anywhere in the world, and mines anomalies and transfers that might indicate illegal activity.

Have you rented a car and seen your name on the board in the terminal? NVISIA partnered with the leader in car rental services to provide a new gold standard of service for frequent car renters.


NVISIA specializes in using emerging technology to connect core business systems in innovative ways. Here, innovation flows freely while the integrity of your core business systems are preserved. 




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