Case Study: Sterigenics

NVISIA's Collaborative, Actionable Roadmap with Sterigenics

For over 50 years, Sterigenics has delivered safer, smarter and more productive contract sterilization solutions to the medical device and pharmaceutical industries.

Business Challenge 
Sterigenics developed VeriCycle™ Automated Process Verification, to assist with verification of the sterilization cycle prior to shipment. To establish an absolute level of trust, Sterigenics needed a qualified and objective third party to inspect the design, architecture and code to corroborate that the system would be reliable, available and supportable.

Previously, using legacy manual processes, customers may have required up to twenty people reviewing records in the QA department. With VeriCycle™ Automated Process Verification, customers can spend significantly less time on these activities. Large customers are providing favorable feedback and praising the benefits and cost savings. 

“It was incredible to see a project come in on time and under budget while delivering great results. NVISIA provided a solid approach and capable resources in performing our assessment while maintaining an atmosphere of trust and collaboration, without pushing for extraneous features or additional services.”  

Michael W. Smith
Vice President of Information Technology, Sterigenics

“Sterigenics needed to establish an absolute level of trust in Vericycle for their customers. With our expertise in software development, NVISIA was perfectly positioned to provide objective, third party validation for this innovative verification technology, ensuring Sterigenics was fully equipped to deploy new capabilities with confidence.”

Shaun Lovick
President, NVISIA


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