Case Study: Accuity

NVISIA's Enterprise Software Development Partnership with Accuity

Accuity, a division of Reed Business Information 
With unmatched data and services powered by Banker’s Almanac, Accuity delivers optimal payment efficiency, compliant transactions, bank counterparty insight and AML screening success. 

Business Challenge 
Integrate trustworthy data from legacy databases into a single data store, develop a custom application to integrate data into the customer’s decision workflow/process for better transactional STP and establish a team within Accuity capable of sustaining the new platform in less than 12 months. 

NVISIA and Accuity built the foundation for Accuity’s new payments and financial counterparty KYC application from the ground up in 7 months. 

NVISIA has been an integral part of not only bringing this solution to market, but also building a knowledgeable team to take over when they leave. With this next generation technology, our customers will benefit from increased STP and substantial cost savings.

Hugh Jones
President and CEO, Accuity

If you have to solve the hard problems, NVISIA is the team you want to go into battle with you. It is as much about the new technology as the camaraderie.

Shannon Drost
Senior Director, Accuity


Full Accuity Case Study (PDF)...