About Us

NVISIA is Your Business Partner

NVISIA is more than a software development and technology solutions firm. We’re a technology innovator, collaborator, guide, mentor and pragmatic business partner for companies that view IT as a critical competitive differentiator.

NVISIA creates lasting connections through collaboration. We specialize in connecting systems, people and processes to deliver real solutions. We develop enterprise and mobile applications  for healthcare, insurance and financial services firms. We also have a strong track record for developing technology solutions for travel, retail, manufacturing and other transaction-intensive industries.

How NVISIA Is Different

What distinguishes NVISIA from other software development and technology solutions firms?

  • Our contributions to the Object Management Group and CORBA and RUP standards
  • Our development of some of the first commercial Java applications as one of only three Object Reality Centers in the country
  • The best practices we defined in SOA and open frameworks, such as AJAX, Struts, Echo, Spring and Xfire
  • Our mentoring approach to projects
  • An intimate knowledge of business and industry

We work alongside client team members, who learn by doing as we guide them. We mentor the team in the skills, processes and technologies they need to maintain ownership of business-critical applications long after we’re gone.

When you couple our pragmatic technology prowess and collaborative approach with our deep knowledge of the business and industry realities in which you operate, the result is an IT partner well equipped to help your company define the future.

We invite you to learn more about NVISIA.

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